Leica's Performance & Shutter Speed

Leica Fast Shutter Speed

The Leica Q2 offers an upgraded and flash-synced shutter with high-speed performance. As expected of Leica cameras, this digital camera has exceptional shutter speed functions that allow for a stunning performance. This camera almost perfectly captures images with a low-shutter speed setting and allows for motion capture. However, this camera works better with a faster shutter speed given its efficient functionality at higher shutter speeds. This camera can capture motion and light very well, given that the proper settings are in place. Many factors take part in any camera's performance, such as aperture, focal length, and image sensitivity. In the case of the Leica Q2, this camera offers a wide range of selectors for the frame - from 28mm to 75mm. The Leica Q2 also has an optical compensation system designed for photo and video recording, which allows for excellent image stabilization. Performance in image sensitivity is due to the Leica Q2's functions in the digital frame selector and the optical compensation system.

Leica's Ergonomics and Usability

Leica Ergonomics

All of the dials, switches, buttons, and knobs are placed where they need to be. The bottom right corner of the camera offers a thumbpad near the front-face for a comfortable grip. The thumb pad is relatively small, so this feature may prove to be useless for those with larger hands. The simplistic style of the camera allows for comfortable and functional usability. The back of the camera offers a few controls, which allow for easy accessibility and functionality. With a play button for reviewing images, a menu button, a function button, and a directional pad, the ergonomics prove similar to previous Leica camera models, such as the Leica CL. The placement of the buttons on the Leica Q2 is concise and uncomplicated.