Crime Scene from Kurt Cobain's Home. One of Kurt's last known photo from photographers.

The Tragic Ending

In March of 1994, Kurt Cobain overdosed on pills and alcohol while the band was touring in Rome. He then had an intervention with friends and family, where it was decided he would go to rehab. He went to Rehab and got out 30 days later. Then, on April 7th, 1994, his body was found in his home with a self inflicted gun shot wound to the head. Examiners found that he had used a large dose of heroin and a suspected suicide note was near his body at the scene. Although people still speculate what really happened, it is a shame that such a talent was lost so soon. The band then seperated, and Nirvana was finished as a band. In a short period of time, they went from the biggest band in the world to not being a band at all. All in all a very interesting story.