Best Game Picks


Console War

Get the best game picks for each modern day console. With the modern age of gaming being at it's absolute peak, there's no denying the many ways of playing games. Here are some games that are exclusive to certain consoles.


Xbox has 2 modern day consoles with the frontrunner being the Xbox Series X and the smaller, more portable Xbox Series S.

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  • Playstation

    Playstation has Playstation 4 and the newer Playstation 5 which a lot of people believe to be the best new gen console at the moment.

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  • Nintendo Switch

    The Nintendo Switch is the only kind of Nintendo brand console available on the market at the time being and has very exclusive games.

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  • PC

    PC is seen as a more advanced way of playing games depending on the setup that is available. It can be just as good as the consoles if not better.

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