Disc Golf Basket

HD Dyes

panther patriot clouds rainbow star



Panther - $29.99

This panther disc flies as fast as a panther can run. Get it while supplies last.


Patriot - $24.99

For that New England fan in your life.


Clouds - $34.99

Experience the feeling of looking into the clouds every time you look into your bag.


Rainbow - $29.99

Be the rainbow - Throw a rainbow.


Star - $34.99

Hours of work went into this amazing piece.

HD - History

HD Dyes all began back in 2023 when two friends decided they wanted to start a company. They decided that they would take their favorite hobby (disc golf) and try to turn it into a business. The business later became what is now known as "HD Dyes". The company started out selling dyed disc golf discs, and they have now expanded into more markets. One of the new markets is brand apparrel. HD Dyes has become much larger than ever imagined by the original founders, and it continues growing to this day.