Golden Pulp

Capt. Marvel and the Ghost of the Deep

Marvel and the Nazis

The drama of World War II also played itself out in the adventures of the golden-era comic books. Many of Captain Marvel's adventures were based on thwarting nefarious plots hatched by Nazis and Nazi sympathizers. The most prominent of Captain Marvel's opponents in this regard was certainly Captain Nazi.

Captain Nazi was a genetically altered "super soldier" given superhuman strength, stamina, and the ability to fly. Acting as a Adolph Hitler's champion, Captain Nazi was sent personally by the fuhrer to do battle with America's superheroes including both Captain Marvel and Bulletman. He made in last appearance in a Fawcett comic book in 1944 but was later revised his role in several DC Comics reboots of the Captain Marvel franchise.

The Monster Society of Evil was home to several infamous characters from the Second World War. Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Tojo. were charters members, along with other prominent Nazis and war criminals. One of the schemes hatched by the society involved using Captain Nazi to steal magic fortune-telling pearls from an Egyptian princess. Another plot saw the society attempting to use a giant cannon to blow holes in various countries across the world. In all of these schemes, Captain Marvel was always there to save the day for the freedom-loving countries of the world.