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Jim Ranger



Jim has spent his entire life in music one way or another.
From early childhood, traveling around with his brother and parents in an RV,
singing at little churches all over the United States, to singing to millions
on the grand stage of The Voice,
in which he got runner-up for team Blake on season 19.
Jim has been about one thing for a long time,
that’s helping people see that living life through love and acceptance
instead of ego and insecurities is freeing and empowering.
His art revolves around making music that feels good all while telling a story.
He's not trying to separate himself from other artists' or striving to make a splash in some way...
It's simply about being honest and authentic and making good music that makes you feel all the feels.
Raised on Muscle Shoals, soul, and country music, Jim's music had no other choice
than to be rooted in southern charm and honesty.
Jim is a pastor and spiritual guide who cherishes family, friends and good whiskey.
Jim currently lives in Bakersfield, CA with his wife, Camilla, and three kids, Laila, Caden, and Deagan.