Tri and Succeed Sports

Guided Running and Racing

The TSS running program is designed is to guide and motivate runners to a personal best in their run training and racing. The training program is heavily coached and has a moderately aggressive approach to achieving your personal best. We will educate you on proper running form, biomechanics, training, nutrition and mental toughness

You will work with a TSS coach twice weekly to help you accomplish your goals and you'll have the companionship of others reaching for similar goals. At times, we'll have assistant coaches to decrease the coach to athlete ratio for a higher quality experience. Spend your workouts completing track workouts, hills repeats tempo runs, strength/power running, endurance strength training, and more. Each week will challenge you, and be tailored towards your goals from sprint races, 5K runs, or full-distance marathons.

The course meets for 90 minutes twice a week. You have the choice among the following morning and evening sessions:

Course Outline

The running class will meet at the Falk Running Center, and when weather permits, we'll be outside at the Falk Running Track.

  1. Week 1
    1. Orientation
      1. Setting a Goal
      2. Group Running
      3. Clothing and Shoes
      4. Danger Zones
    2. Initial Assessment
      1. Gait Assessment
      2. Power Measure
      3. Time Trial
    3. Stretching Techniques
  2. Week 2
    1. Wind Sprints
    2. Recovery
    3. Building your Core
  3. Week 3
    1. Wind Sprints 2
    2. Stretching Session
    3. Yoga and Running
  4. Week 4
    1. Mid-range Running 1
    2. Mid-range Running 2
  5. Week 5
    1. Hill Repeats 1
    2. Recovery Runs
    3. Stretching
  6. Week 6
    1. Weight Training and Running
    2. Hill Repeats 2
    3. Building a Base
  7. Week 7
    1. Preparing for 5K Race
    2. 5K Simulation 1
    3. 5K Simulation 2
  8. Week 8
    1. Preparing for a Marathon
    2. Building and Recovering
    3. Final Assessment
    4. Final Time Trials