What Your Support Does

Every 10 minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. Her first reaction is fear and confusion. Support is just a phone call or mouse click away. Our free services offer a friendly ear and expert guidance to anyone dealing with this life-threatening illness.

By running or walking with us, you can ensure that we are there when people need us. Here is how your contribution can help:

Diane's Run

Diane's Run - September 12, 2021

Join over 2000 athletes in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for Diane's Run to raise money for breast cancer awareness and research. The 5K and 10K races are challenging, yet achievable. You can aim for a personal best while taking part to raise money for this important charity. If you can't run, consider walking. Join young and old in the fight by participating in the 1-Mile Walk for Hope.

How to Join

You can guarantee a spot by filling out the entry form and mailing it to Entry Form. The $35 entry fee is tax deductible and goes directly to important research and women in need. We keep our overhead very low so every dollar counts. More than 75% of the net proceeds fund screening and treatment programs in your communities. We welcome out-of-town visitors. We will help you find accommodations during your visit.


Since its inception in 2014, Diane's Run has grown from a purely local event involving 100 runners to a signature Wyoming event with more than 2000 participants annually. The event is enormously effective in spreading the message that breast cancer need not be fatal if caught early enough with mammography and regular breast self-exams. As well as a top-flight athletic event, Diane's Run is an emotionally moving event attracting many first timers and recreational runners. This event provides all of us with the opportunity to spread a hopeful message about breast cancer to our families and our communities.

Remembering Diane

Diane's Run is named in remembrance of Diane Wheaton, mother of two and wife of Peter, who passed away in May, 2013. Diane was an outspoken advocate of physical fitness and healthy living. She was an inspiration to all who knew her and continues to be an inspiration to the thousands of runners who have participated in this event.

We hope you can join us this year and become part of the Diane's Run family.