Channing Babb

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Student | Mobile App & API Developer

Hi, my name is Channing and I am a dedicated software developer who has a passion to create intuitive and seamless mobile applications! I have always had a passion for tackling challenges when building applications and having ideas turn into a reality.

Notable Experience

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Social Media Application

Designed and developed a mobile social media application to expand my skills in mobile app development. Using Rust, Laravel 8, NodeJS, and Python 3 for the backend, implemented a combination of SQL and NoSQL databases, leveraging an S3 bucket through AWS for storage. The frontend was built using React Native, allowing me to create a seamless experience across multiple platforms. This development process has presented many challenges, allowing me to refine my troubleshooting skills and build confidence in my ability to solve problems as a programmer.

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Software Developer

Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp.

Maintained and developed web applications. Primarily used PHP and Angular for the application backend and frontend, IBM DB2 used for the database (AS/400). Operated with two other system analysts and used Azure DevOps for the code and package repository. This was initially a summer internship, but Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation extended to a part-time software development offer.