Golden Pulp

Capt. Marvel and the Ghost of the Deep

Fawcett Comics

One of the most successful comic book publisher in the 1940's, Fawcett Publications began in 1919 with the magazine, Captain Billy's Whiz Bang. Its total circulation from all of its publications eventually reached over 10 million issues a month.

Fawcett is best known for its popular superhero, Captain Marvel, based on the adventures of radio reporter Billy Batson who would turn into Captain Marvel upon uttering the word Shazam!. Other successful characters include Ibis the Invincible, Hopalong Cassidy, and Mister Scarlet. Fawcett was also known for its series of horror comics including Beware! Terror Tales, Worlds of Fear, and Strange Suspense Stories. The company branched out into humor comic magazines with Otis and Babs and Hoppy the Marvel Bunny among its most popular titles.

Facing declining sales, Fawcett Comics ceased publication of its superhero titles in 1953. Several of its titles were eventually sold to Charlton Comics.