Pandaisia Chocolates

About Pandaisia Chocolates

Our Company

We are a company located in Essex, Vermont, dedicated to making delicious chocolate and other treats. For our founder, chocolatier Anne Ambrose, this means using only the finest organic ingredients, incorporating a harmonious blend of rich flavors and smooth textures.

Anne learned her trade as part of a three-year apprenticeship program in Switzerland. Her introduction into the world of confectioneries was a springboard to working with leaders in the field. Early in 1993 she brought that expertise back to Vermont and Pandaisia Chocolates was born.

About Chocolate

Enjoying Chocolates

We believe that the best chocolate is fresh chocolate. Preservatives change the flavor and texture of chocolate. For the best results, our chocolates should be consumed within a few days of purchase. Store them in a cool, dark place at a temperature of 60° to 70° such as a refrigerator or wine cellar.

Healthy Chocolate

Chocolate has a bad reputation because of the poor quality of mass-produced bars loaded with lots of milk, sugar, and butter — which are tasty but not healthy. We start with organic ingredients, keep the processed sugars to a minimum and produce dark chocolate that is 73% cacao. At that level, you can reap the benefits of a chocolate diet!

Single-Origin and Blends

We believe in single-origin chocolate made from one variety of cacao harvested from a single region. Single-origin chocolates take on the unique flavors of their region (in the same way that wines adopt regional distinctions.) Other chocolatiers use blends that combine flavors from several regions. Let us know what you prefer.

Ethical Produce

We work directly with farmers in Peru, Ecuador, and Honduras, where we learn first-hand about the economic struggles they face. We pay above-market premiums to maintain our relationships with farmers and support Fair Trade agreements. We are always striving to foster a sustainable market for fine chocolate and to support the hard-working men and women who are our producers.