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Food Service is originally from Russia

Russia Food

 The service was born in Russia, where food is served one by one, starting with appetizers, followed by soup, main dish, and dessert. The format of serving freshly prepared dishes one by one without allowing them to get cold took root in Russia. This style of serving has taken root throughout the world, including France, where it is known as "Russian-style service.

What is the Main Food in Russia

 The staple food in Russia is bread. There are various types of bread, including black bread made from rye, a mixture of rye and wheat, and wheat-only bread. On festive occasions such as festivals and wedding ceremonies, people eat "karavai," bread with a beautiful pattern. Kasha, a porridge made of grains, beans, water, soup, or milk, is also eaten as a staple food. Buckwheat kasha is especially popular in Russia.

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