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Cacao is from Ghana


 Ghana is the source of cacao, the ingredient of chocolate. Although called "cacao" beans, cacao is actually a fruit. Fruit smaller than a rugby ball contains 30 to 50 cacao beans. Ghana is the world's second-largest cacao producer. In Ghana, cacao is processed into a variety of products. Cacao is made into bread, cookies, drinks, and alcohol. It can also be made into soap and skin cream. As you would expect from Ghana, which is the second-largest producer of cacao in the world, cacao has become a part of daily life.

Many types of staples

Ghana Food

 In Ghana, there are a number of staple foods. They all look very similar, but there are differences in ingredients and taste. The first is soft fufu, similar to Japanese rice cakes. The ingredients are yams, cassava potatoes, and plantains (a banana-like fruit used for cooking). It is made by breaking them into small pieces, steaming them, and then making them with rice flour and rice mortar, just like the Japanese mochi pounding. Banku and kenkey are slightly more acidic than fufu. The ingredients are fermented cassava or cornflour, which is then kneaded. Banku has a slightly sour taste due to the fermentation and fermentation of the ingredients, Kenkey. This is because it is made by fermenting the ingredients for a long time, allowing them to mature and ripen, and then boiling them in boiling water.

 The soft and glutinous fufu, Banku, and kenkey are usually served in various kinds of soups or with fish or meat dishes. There are various types of soups, such as soups with meat or fish, and soups with tomatoes and onions. Dip it in the soup and enjoy it with a bite. This is the Ghanaian way.

Here is the video how to make kenkey