What Leo Eats

What dry food he eats

This is the dry food that Leo mainly eats. We may buy a different flavor here and there, but we very rarely change brands, unless the above is not available to us. The dry food is always available to him, so he can eat it when he pleases.

  What wet food he eats What other wet food he eats

These are the different kinds of wet food that he eats. Right now, he's mainly eating the ones on the left, but when we run out of those, we feed him the ones on the right, as those used to be the ones he mainly ate before we switched over. There are also more flavors than those to choose from. We typically feed him half of one of those containers at night and in the morning.

  What treats he eats What other treats he eats

These are the brands of treats that we feed him. Just like the wet food, there are different flavors than just the ones above. Typically, we'll make a big mix of the treats and put them in a container and give them to him every so often. The mix is about 65% Friskies 35% Temptations, as we think he prefers more of a crunch (Here's a link to the Friskies treats: Friskies Party Mix Original)