Leo's Favorite Toys
Catnip mice Balls with bells inside

Excuse the first pictures quality, but I couldn't find a better one. These are the toys he mainly plays with. Whenver I haven't seen any of those mice around the house in awhile, whenever I go to Walmart next, I pick one up (they only come in singles, here's the link: Skitter Slices). He has all of the colors above and has at least two of each. As for the second picture, he doesn't have those exact bell balls, but he has something similar. Leo loves to bat those around the house. There's no telling how many he has lost.

  Cat teaser

Leo plays with a teaser (kind of like the one above) or just a simple piece of string. Whenever I play with him, however, I have to be extremely careful. For some reason, he likes to chew on the string/cord, breaking it in half.

  Scratching post Cat tower

Leo also plays around on his scratching post and cat tower. He definitely has a lot of fun on the tower, as I always see him on either of the perches, or twisting and turning in the inside or between the post and the inside on the top.