RSA Encryption Project


The RSA Project was a group project for Algorithms at UCA taught by Professor Hu. I worked with Andrew Farmer to complete this project for the class. This project was coded in Spyder python. The goal was to create an entire RSA encryption program from scratch that would encrypt and decrypt an input string. There were 3 main parts of the program, the public/private key generation, the encoding and decoding of the input message, and the digitally signing of the encrypted message. I worked on the key generation and we both worked on encryption and decryption. If you don't know what RSA is you can learn more here.

Java Project


The Java Project was a semester-long project for Software Development in Java at UCA taught by Professor Doderer. The first part of the project was to create a data backend that we would use later in part two. I created a store inventory system with the ability to suggest products by category, adjust/add inventory, and lookup by id/category. Part two of the project was to build a GUI that worked off the backend. In the image, you can see the GUI of the project and how it looked when it was run. The left frame took in user input while the right frame was able to show the user the current inventory and change according to what is selected.

My Website Portfolio


The Web Design Project was for Web Site Development at UCA taught by Professor Barber. This project was to pick a subject and create a website based on what we have learned in the class so far. I decided to create a digital portfolio. I think it would be cool to have my own website online and eventually I will update this one and hopefully have it posted and connected to my LinkedIn for potential employers.