Andrew's Ultimate Vacation Guide

About the Vacation's

This is a guide for families wanting to go on a family trip. For the families whom have 3-5 people and enjoy having some adventure. I will describe day to day trips and how our family enjoyed them as a whole. There are good and bad experiences about the trips we go on. It is definitely a learning process for some to see what each member of the family would want to do. For example, I know that our mom likes to relax more than the guys because we like to go and do during our trips. My brother and I get very anxious during this trips as well but as we have gotten older we are allowed to go and do more than we have in the past.

To give you some background on our family trips and what it is like. The first day there is usually to get your bearings of the place and to focus on where we are at and what is around us. The next day is usually an excursion and we usually plan those when we plan on planning the trip. Those are almost like a bonus within the trip to find out more about the place or usually to give us something to do. With some of our trips I know that my family, especially my mom likes to know the history of the place we are going to. We as a family find it interesting to learn a little bit about the place we adventure to.

This places that we have taken trips to can be find in the header. The navigations links are the list of the places that we have been to. Each place is totally different from one another. For example, Angel Fire, New Mexico was a snow skiing trip that my family and I went on. That trip does not correlate to Rivera Maya, Mexico to where we were at the beach. So with this website I have tried to provide not only locations but different ones where you can differentiate between others.

I hope to provide families with enough information, so they can decide as to where they want to plan there next family vacation. As well as giving some insight to how our trip went and compare it to how that family will think of that vacation.

Family Trip to Jackson Hole