Synchro Monsters

Synchro monsters were introduced in the YU-GI-OH card game in the year 2008, the monster as shown on the bottom of the screen are white. The way in which these monsters are summoned is as followed. The first thing that you will need is a tuner monster. A tuner are monsters that can be effect monster or normal monster. In the text at the bottom of the card the monster will have the phrase "tuner" printed on its text (an example has been given below). So, the next thing you would need would be a non-tuner monster they can be the normal monster or the effect monster. Meaning it can be any other monster that does not have the "tuner" on its text. When you have both a tuner and a non-tuner on the board you would need to do simple math such as a level three monster and a level five monster together these add up to a level eight monster (3+5=8). So, when you have the correct levels that are added up to get the monster you would then send away the other monster and summon the synchro monster from the extra deck. Know that was the old ways of summoning a Synchro Monster there is the new way that has recently been added and this only applies to a small group of cards. The way is like the normal way of Synchro summoning a Monster but instead of adding the two monsters together instead you subtract so you take a level eight monster and a level 1 tuner monster and Synchro summoning a level seven Synchro Monster. This has just been made into the YU-GI-OH card game very recently. The most iconic synchro monster is the stardust dragon.