Ritual Monster

Ritual Monster in the game of Yu-GI-OH is as follows. They were the first type of special monster in the game as when the card game first came out Ritual Monsters became part of the game. Their mechanics are as follows, these cards are not placed in the 15-card extra deck they are placed in your main deck with the others normal and effect monster. To summon them you need their spell card now I did say that there are four types of spell cards in the game. Well, there is not there is one more and those are Ritual spell cards, the reason that they were not listed in the spell card section was that they are only used for the Ritual Monster. Like the example given below with the monster relinquished, the monster has a spell card that it uses to summon with that being the Black Illusion Ritual. The way you would summon a Ritual is that you would need both the Ritual Monster and the Ritual spell in your hand and then when you have both in your hand you would need to send a monster that adds up to or exceeds the level count of the Ritual Monster. So, in the case of the monster relinquished you would need to send a monster that is level one or above from the hand or from the field to the graveyard. Now should you have a Ritual Monster that is level eight then you can send one card from the hand or on the field to the graveyard. Should you not have such a monster then you can send a level five and a level six to the graveyard. In this part, you can send the monster but when you send the requirement then you can’t send any more to the graveyard. The card relinquished or the thousand-eyes restrict are the most famous Ritual Monster in the card game of Yu-GI-OH.