Link Monsters

Link monsters in the game of YU-GI-OH is as followed. First, these are the newest type of monsters that the game creator decided to create. These monsters came out in the year 2017, and these monsters are quite different from the other extra deck monster in the game, this is because of two things. The first of these two things is the playing field that was created to fit these cards in the card game. Before these cards were introduced into the card game, play field was simply you have five monster zones five spell/traps zone and one field zone. Now with the link monsters you have two extra monsters zones that set on top of the main monsters zones. The second thing that is different about these monsters is that they have no defense stats and because of this they cannot be put into defense at all. The way you would use these cards is as followed. you will need to follow the requirements. For example, the link monsters given in the example below you would need one level one monster then you would send that monster to the graveyard and summon the card. Now on the card, you see an arrow that tell you where you can summon another link monster and if you want to summon another link monster then you must have an arrow pointing that is open. Also, you can summon another monster with another link card by using the link rating for example the link rating of the monster below is a link rating of one so you can summon a link monster with a link rating of two using the link one and another monster.