Gaining Mass

Eddie Hall bulked vs. cut

What to do?

If you are wanting to gain some weight/size there is only one to do, that is EAT! The most common problem when people think they cannot put on muscle is not eating enough. Rich Piana once said, "You've gotta eat big to get big". This is true, how can your body repair your muscles after a workout if it does not have enough calories. Having more calories also means better performance in the gym, as you will have more energy stored in your muscles.

food pyramid

Good Carb Sources:

nutrition facts for ON whey protein

Tracking Calories

Tracking your calories is crucial when entering into a bulk. But first, before you do that you need to use a calorie calculator to find out what your maintenance calories are. Click here to enter your age, height, weight, and activity level. Once you have done that add 200cal to what your maintenance calorie was. Now you have a set goal for how much you need to eat every day to gain weight.

Pro Tips:

Reading Nutrition Facts:

To the left is the nutrition facts for the bottle of whey protein you see in the background. If you can learn to read a nutrition facts label tracking your calories will be easy. The three main facts on these sheets are MACROs (Fats, Carbs, proteins) which are most important for anyone trying to alter their weight in any form. Next to each MACRO you will see the exact amount in grams in each serving, and next to that you can see the percentage of your daily intake that is. These are very useful when trying to change your diet but still wanting to see what your options are. Now you can count all these calories by hand, or you can download a calorie tracking app like My Fitness Pal.