For the outdoorzy tourist!


Special Tours we Offer:

The Buffalo National River, Arkansas:
Being the first National River, we offer a special guided tour. This tour includes floating, hiking, and fishing. To conclude, we will take a tour of the small town Jasper.
Starting at $150 per person.

The Grand Canyon:
Once a year, we offer a 3-day tour of the Grand Canyon. This area is so amazing that we couldn't just take one day to explore it. This will include guided hikes as well as a 2-day guided float trip.
Starting at $500 per person.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado:
The last special tour we offer is a big one. This adventure is for ATV fanatics. We will enjoy a whole day touring the terrain with jeeps and 4-wheelers. Afterward, climbing adventures will take place, and following that will be a large dinner.
Starting at $300 per person.

Buffalo River