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National Park Options

America's First National River, The Buffalo National River, is in Arkansas:
The Buffalo National River has so much to offer: floating, camping, rock climbing, cliff-jumping, hiking, and fishing. You are bound to have a good time. Not to mention how charming the many small towns surrounding it are!
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Buffalo River

Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina & Tennessee:
The Great Smoky Mountains are known for the large diversification of wildlife and plants in the area. There are many historical sites such as churches and old farmsteads. Many trail options can be found in the park, and the waterfalls are magnificent.
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Smoky Mountains

Indiana Dunes National Park, Indiana:
This park is accredited for its 15-mile sandy shores. This area has so much to give its visitors! There are sand dunes, wetlands, prairies, rivers, and forests; the adventures are endless. Every year there is a historic maple sugar festival! Every season there is a new opportunity for tourists to take advantage of.
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Indiana Dunes National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado:
This location grants over 300 miles of hiking! Mountain areas can climb to over 11,000 feet in elevation. Each location is different as the elevation climbs. Lower regions can contain meadows, mid regions sport rocky forest areas, and the mountain tops are snowy, with breath-taking views.
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Rocky Mountains

Lake Options

Lake Chelan, Washington:
Lake Chelan is not just a lake, it is a whole experience from the city, to the lake, to the villages along the bay. In addition to the beautiful scenery, there are many restaurants, wineries, and shops to visit. There is horseback riding available, as well as aircraft rides, and boat rentals.
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Lake Chelan

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri:
Lake of the Ozarks is meant for the spring-breakers. This area runs on tourism, which makes it the perfect destination. This lake has a very rich history since it was the biggest man-made lake at the time of its creation. To this day it remains a pretty big deal!
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Lake of the Ozarks

Crater Lake, Oregon:
This destination is unique and really inspires awe. Around 7,700 years ago, a violent eruption collapsed an ancient volcano that formed Crater Lake. This is the deepest lake in the United States. This lake represents a marvelous story, a beautiful region, and adventure itself.
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Crater Lake

Broken Bow Lake, Oklahoma:
This lake covers about 14,000 acres and is bordered by more than 180 miles of shoreline, it is the perfect place for boating, water sports, swimming, fishing, and hunting. Speed boats, houseboats, and jet skis are available to rent. Hunting IS permitted on the majority of the land; there are many deer and a few turkeys, as well as other game.
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Broken Bow Lake

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