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MSI RTX 3050

Cost: $429.99

The RTX 3050 is a hot commodity right now. Finding one for sub $500 is extremely rare in the GPU market currently, so MSI making one for $430 is an insane steal. If you're looking to build a PC, this graphics card is the best price for a performance card on the market. You need to grab this deal before it's gone.

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Ryzen 7 5800X CPU

Cost: $349.99

In combo with the RTX 3050, this Ryzen 7 would make a monstrous build for anyone looking to get into gaming. The Ryzen line is known for delivering top-tier performance without breaking the bank. An equivalent to a new I7 CPU while staying under $400 is a great deal.

Corsair ATX Case

Corsair ATX Case

Cost: $94.99

This case is the perfect one to finish out your dream build. The tempered black side panel allows you to have the full PC experience with a beautiful view of all your components. Corsair has also maximized the possible airflow for this case, so your pc will stay cool and running smoothly.

Asus ROG Motherboard

Asus ROG Motherboard

Cost: $209.99

This motherboard is compatible with the newset Ryzen line and comes with built-in WiFi. It also comes with RGB so you can customize the interior of your PC. This motherboard is compatible with DDR4 RAM and is a full-sized ATX board, so there shouldn't be any trouble having enough space for an extra fan or 2.

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