Razer Gaming Mouse

Cost: $74.99

This highend gaming mouse comes up to 12 programmable buttons for performing every action with a simple click. It also houses a 16,000 dpi sensor that can handle even the quickest and most accurate flicks to match any player's skill. With an astounding 25% off this mouse is a must have for anyone looking for a new gaming mouse.

StealSeries Mouse Pad

Steel Series Mouse Pad

Cost: $9.99

This mouse pad is perfect for budget gamers. Coming in at basically $10 this mouse is simple, elegant, and would look good with virtually any desk setup. Although the size states medium, it is quite big and will provide enough room for mouse movements for virtually any game.

Samsung Earbuds

Redragon K552 Mechanincal Keyboard

Cost: $32.99

This is the perfect keyboard for gamers or typists on a budget. Coming in well below $50 while having highend cherry MX Red switches makes this keyboard an amazing deal for anyone needing a new typer. This keyboard also has a tenkeyless design which allows it to take up much less desk room while having the full functionality of a full sized keyboard.

Seinheiser Gaming Headset

Seinheiser Gaming Headset

Cost: $106.00

Seinheiser is known for highend performance and this headset is no exception. It supports virtually any audio method, while still delivering high end noise cancellation. This headset is perfect for swapping between music and gaming with a flip to mute microphone.